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A Closer Look

Why Should You Test for Radon?

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Surgeon General of the United States, The American Lung Association, the National Safety Council, Consumer Federation of America foundation, The American Association of Radon Scientist and technologists and the National and American Society of Home Inspectors recommend that all Homes be tested for Radon. In most Real Estate Contracts a ‘Radon’ clause is present stating that a radon inspection must be made on the property. Many Mortgage Companies are also requesting that the home be tested for Radon before a mortgage is approved.

Simply stated, Radon is a Cancer-Causing, Radioactive Gas that causes 15,000 to 22,000 or 12% of Lung Cancer deaths annually. Radon is the second leading cause of Lung Cancer in the United States behind Smoking. Radon is colorless, odorless and undetectable unless a test in done.

EPA says that 1 in every 15 homes has a high level of Radon above the take action amount of 4 picas curies per liter. (4 pCi/L) It is unfortunate but most of the Colorado area is in a high level zone according to the EPA map of high level zones in the United States.

A quick summary of radon information clearly states that no matter how high the radon levels are your home, they can become Hazardous to your Health or cause lung Cancer, if you are exposed to radon gas for long periods of time. The higher the Radon Level is in your home and the more time you spend in your home the more likely you could develop lung cancer. If you smoke or have smoked in the past your chances of developing Lung Cancer are 17 times greater.

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Why You Need to Test

Why is Radon a Problem?

Government studies have shown that radon is the second leading cause to lung cancer with cigarettes being number one. Here is a video about radon concerns “Radon: The Invisible Killer” (33 minutes)
Two Different Systems

How is Radon Removed from a Building or Home?

Two typical systems are used here in Colorado, which are same as used all over the world. Basically a vacuum type of system is installed to draw the bad air/gas out from the soils under the building/home. This is accomplished by covering soils in a crawl space with a special barrier and pipe under barrier to exterior with a fan. This would be called sub-membrane de-pressurization type. Another is sub-slab de-pressurization, where an opening through the concrete floor is made with a void under the concrete and a pipe inserted/sealed then routed to the exterior with a fan drawing bad air/gas out.
25 Years

Is There Any Guarantee?

Yes we offer a 25-year guarantee for our system. Typically manufactures will offer a five-year warranty on their fans and we cannot extend that part of the system. Our guarantee is that the system will continue to function as designed and the Radon will be reduced to below 3.0 Pci/L. Which is a measurement used for determining how much Radon is present.
How We Install

How Long Does it Take to Install?

Usually a system can be completed within one working day.
Payment Options

How Can I Pay for the System?

We accept major credit cards and will take checks or cash.
EPA Reccommendations

How Will I know the radon level has been reduced?

EPA recommends a third party test be completed after work is done. This is usually completed after waiting 7 days, since radon has a half-life of 3.8 days. However we do provide a test for you to check our work without having to spend additional fees.
What to Expect

Will there be any mess to clean up afterwards?

We use floor coverings and do the entire cleanup when work is done leaving the place of work as clean or cleaner than it was when we arrived.
Give us a call

How do I go about scheduling?

All it takes is a phone call to 303-503-8764.
Short vs. Long Term

What happens when we test?

Short Term Tests vs. Long Term Testing: Normally performed for most Real Estate transactions, the 48 Hours Short Term test is provided with instant results. A Long Term test remains in your home for more than 90 days, is more accurate and can compensate for seasonal changes. This includes using different type testing devices designed for a longer period of time. If time permits a long term test can be used to confirm the accuracy of short term test results. Different testing devices can be available that are of a passive nature (do not need electricity or batteries) they include alpha track detectors, charcoal canisters, charcoal liquid scintillation detectors and electret ion chambers. The active device is a continuous monitor. They are safe to use and require the least amount of time to be in your home, which means less interruption to your daily home life when a test is under way.

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